Have you got MOXY?

June 8th 2013 @ Thompson House , Newport KY

So you've found your way to the MOXY web-site. Congratulations! But you're probably asking yourself:

a) "Why am I here?"
b) "What is MOXY?"

Well, "a" is a little meta for us here at MOXY to address, but we are more than happy to try to illuminate "b".

MOXY is a music event...call it a festival, showcase, party or just a good excuse to hang with some amazing bands.

MOXY was created as a celebration of rock music, featuring regional talent as well as bands based out of the greater Cincinnati area. Our goal is to introduce fans to bands, bands to bands and bands to fans.

We live in a mostly DIY age when it comes to music. We feel giving bands the opportunity to interact with each other and their respective fans in a fun and festive atmosphere is a win for everyone.

There are many amazing music "fests" in the greater Cincinnati / NKY area. Our intention isn't to supplant or compete (hey...it's our first year...we'd get our a$$ kicked anyway), but to help in some small part to grow the strength of the music scene; not only in greater Cincinnati, but throughout the region...and beyond.

...imagine some sort of heavy reverby-delay on "and beyond"...